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Ready for a new approach to making money? If the old ways aren’t working for you, this may be just what you need to give your bank account the boost it deserves!

Do you find money …

  • Easy to manifest at will?
  • Enjoyable to make and fun to spend?
  • Enhances your experience of life, fully supporting your dreams and desires?

If yes, you rock! Congrats on creating a relationship with money that serves you well!

If not, there’s good news. It can be different. You have the power within to dramatically alter your experience with money simply by realizing and practicing new energy-technology habits.

Lots of other folks have learned to create a new relationship with money, and you can, too.

We’re not talking about traditional ways of earning, saving, investing or budgeting in order to improve your financial situation.

This is different. Dramatically different.

Some people aren’t ready to think this differently about how the world works.

Because this is not what most of us were taught about money.

Which is why it’s so life-changing to learn!

Most of us were taught that money is a limited and scarce commodity we have to figure out how to earn, and that we better be careful with, because it’s an “easy come, easy go” affair.

The truth is that money is just energy. And the more exciting truth is that each of us has the power to manage energy and create what ever we focus on! If you’ve never learned how to flex that power, I say your time has come!

Simply put, money isn’t the challenging mystery
many experience it as.

Learning how to manage your money energy puts you in the power seat for dictating what your financial experience will be.

This isn’t even new information, and you certainly won’t be the first one using it.

Plenty of deliberate creators are already proving their mastery over money. They’re showing that money can be fun, fast, easy, effortless, natural, enjoyable and limitless ... what ever they choose it to be.

How would you like to choose what your financial situation is? What would you choose?

This is your chance to exercise your creative power.

If you don’t already know what’s possible, or you don’t know how to flex those manifesting muscles you were born with, Money Mojo Magic can help.

In this concise and immediately downloadable package, I share the essence of everything you need to know in order to begin creating the financial experience you prefer. This material, developed after successfully working with hundreds of other folks struggling with money, guides you through the process of transforming old ways of being with money in order to let money be easy, natural and abundant in your life.

Are you ready for some money mojo magic?

If you’re ready to develop your money manifesting skills, to embrace your power to choose how you want money to be in your life, here’s what I’ve got for you:

All the money manifesting facts and inspiration you need to create a dramatic upswing in your finances - contained in a 52 page ebook, an hour long audio track, and a 25 page accompanying workbook.

Download the entire package right now for $17.Money Mojo Magic

Here’s what it’ll do for you:

  • Learn what your money vibration is
  • Why it’s crucial you change your money vibration if you want to change your financial situation - and how to do it
  • Understand the truth about money and how to create it
  • Discover - and resolve - the payoffs you’re getting from living financial struggles
  • Embrace your story telling powers to skyrocket your financial well-being
  • Make peace with money (release any negative charge it holds for you)
  • Get crystal clear about what you want your money experience to be
  • Become aware of old habits that are stifling your bank account
  • Identify existing blueprints, set points, and upper limits that are squashing your financial abundance – and how to change them
  • Create your customized game plan for calling in big easy money (or what ever you choose money to be for you)
  • Understand the importance and the how to’s of acclimating yourself to a new financial reality

Interested?  If this $17 offer sounds good to you, click below for immediate access. (Note: this is an electronic product. You’ll be able to download it today - no waiting for a hard copy in the mail.)

Here’s what a few of the Money Mojo Magic participants had to say (all comments are unsolicited and unedited except for brevity and anonymity):

Hi Jeanette, I ordered Money Mojo late last year. Here's my Mojo Update: Long lost debtor came through out of the blue. Gave us the $12,000 they owed us and I was able to pay off my car. Got rid of monthly $380.00 payment. Had my 5 year contract renewed. No longer stuck doing technical writing for the client (B O R I N G). Now doing multimedia development for them instead (which I LOVE), for $60.00/hour instead of $40.00/hr, and working 35 hours a week doing something I enjoy (from home!) instead of 20 hours doing something I had come to loathe. Voila. Mojo Nation :) Thanks again so much for your fantastic money mojo program. Marjie B.

Wow - Money Mojo has been, and continues to be, life-changing.
Thank you! Janette D.

This month I doubled my previous best for monthly income.  AND!!!!!!!!--this month I set new records for visits to my website.  Hmmmmmm...I guess Money Mojo Magic does work (of course it does).  Thank you, again. Gary F.

Hi, I just wanted to tell you that I manifested $10,000 overnight using one of the prosperity tools. I did the prosperity bar and mentally put a lock at the top. When I did this I felt beyond rich.  I did this on the 24th and my mother called me the next day telling me she's selling her house and that she's giving me $10,000.00!!!! It's so much fun. Brenda M.

I just want to thank you, Jeannette, for the material and your great leadership. I enjoyed it and learned a lot. This stuff is finally starting to sink in. Patia S.

My vibe now is just bouncing around with happiness – thank you! I cannot find enough adjectives to describe the joy, happiness and enlightenment you have brought into my world – love you to bits! Helen M.

Last three weeks have been awesome. Breaking all kinds of records. You helped me to keep money mojo magic coming. THANK-YOU.

Jeannette, My friend who's been struggling with money for years had a breakthrough last week she attributed to your Money Mojo Magic. Thank you! Nancy

Jeanette, I've been meaning to update you on my Money Mojo Magic progress, but I've been super busy! I took a client to lunch a month ago to ask for advice. She wound up hiring me on a consultant basis in an area I'm considering moving into. The result? I'm now receiving $2,000 extra dollars per month doing something I have no experience in! And apparently, I'm pretty good at it.

So...thanks for writing that e-book. I would never have had the guts to accept the position, or to demand getting paid for it, if I hadn't taken a good hard look at my attitudes toward money and accepting opportunity as the Universe provides it. This could move my career to a whole new level. Thanks again!! ML, Florida

What these folks experienced was a departure from traditional ways of working with money in the “real world.”

Instead of treating money as if it were something outside of ourselves that we have to figure out how to earn or build, they learned that they are the masters of their financial reality simply by learning to manage their money vibration.

And you can be one of them, too for only $17.  Ordering is risk free, since it comes with a money back guarantee.

Click to OrderMoney Back Guarantee

The thoughts you think, the feelings you feel, the words you speak, the images you hold in mind – that’s what dictates what’s possible and what happens next in your financial world.

Until you get your internal game lined up, the external will feel like a struggle.

There are a zillion articles and books written on how to make money in the “real world” – budgeting, saving, investing, etc.

But the fact is those actions won’t make a bit of difference in your financial abundance if you don’t first align your internal game.

Until you address the energetic aspect of making money, it will continue to be a struggle and a challenge.

I know this because I spent over ten years (as a certified financial planner and retirement specialist) teaching others how to get control of their financial lives, using traditional tools and approaches to building wealth.  In hindsight I realize how futile that approach was.

Because it’s not our actions that matter most when it comes to creating financial wealth and abundance.  Our mindset, our vibration, our story is what rules the day.

Until we get that under control, it’s like pushing rope.  It doesn’t work so well, and we create a lot of frustration and despair in the process.

I know this from personal experience, as well as from working with hundreds of people to manifest money.

What works is to create an energetic alignment first, and then simply do what feels good.

If you use any other formula, you’re holding your success at bay.

Listen to what other experts have to say on this topic:

Abraham“When your income is tied to an action, the amount that you can receive, proportionately, is miniscule. When you're trying to make it happen by performing an action, you are limited by the beliefs that you have about time and space.  …Until you leverage thru alignment, you really are in the category with millions of other people where not very much is gonna happen.”  Abraham, Asheville NC workshop

“You are the source of your abundance and money.  Through working with your feelings, thoughts, and intentions, you can become a master at creating what ever you want.”  Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer, Creating Money

“It’s not about action. Its about vibrational alignment. So do you get that that's the real work that you want to do? It's energy work. It's vibrational work. It's attitudinal work. It's feeling work. It's thinking thoughts that feel good. It's telling the new story, becoming the writer of your story the way you want it to be.”  Abraham, Mexico cruise workshop

“Abundance will never be a factor of how much money one has.  Rather it is always a factor of how one feels about what money one does have.”  Stuart Wilde, The Trick To Money Is Having Some!

“Money is UNLIMITED because energy is unlimited and money is only a byproduct  of energy.” Abraham, San Antonio TX workshop

Money Back GuaranteeIf Money Mojo Magic sounds like something you want to bring to your life, you can do it with no risk.  You’ve got a 100% money back guarantee that if you find it’s not doing anything for you, you get your $17 investment back, no questions asked.

What I suspect is that even if you’ve already heard all this information before, hearing it in another way from another person can very well make all the difference. And I’m intending you’ll find it’s the best investment you ever made.

I know that sounds like a big promise, but I’ve seen the successful results often enough to know Money Mojo Magic can deliver.

Money Mojo Magic by Jeannette MawYou get a 52 page ebook, an audio track and accompanying workbook to guide you through the process of revamping your money vibe.

Here’s the order button one last time:

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Whether we cross paths here in Money Mojo Magic or at some other point, I’m sending you best wishes for exercising your true creative powers to live life just like you want it!


Jeannette Maw
Good Vibe Coach



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